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What: Primal Elements Color Bowl Candles

Where: On their website, and possibly at a number of specialty stores. I've seen then at the THS bookstore in Bloomington, Indiana, at a tiny store called Verve in Bennington, VT...so it varies.

How Much: $19.50


- long lasting
- variety of great scents
- nice design

Analysis: PE makes my favorite candles, ever. The best ones are the wax and gel ones. They last a long time, smell fantastic (whether they're being burned or not; they give off a nice scent even when not lit), and are pretty as well. They're a combination of wax and translucent gel, so when you burn them the light goes through the gel and the candle glows. The Color Bowls are the best for the money, in my opinion, because they last a looong time. The last time I bought them they came with a little metal lid that could be used to cover them when they were not in use.

One of the nicest things about these candles is the large variety of available scents. They come up with new ones frequently, too. I haven't tried them all, but some of my absolute favorites in order of preference are: Rain, Ariel, Snowflakes, Tahitian Vanilla, Lavender, and Lilac (a little heavy compared to the others listed, but I still like it). Scent descriptions are on the website. As far as I recall, all the scents I've tried were pretty nice, but I wasn't as big a fan of Dragonfly or Stained Glass.

PE makes a lot of other products as well. I've tried the soaps and the breath-freshening lip gloss, and liked both. The candles remain my favorite though. They used to sell body spray and it was fantastic, but sadly they've stopped that now.


- availability

Analysis: It's hard to find the candles outside of the website. It's kind of hit-or-miss unless you discover a store that carries them. However, the site is easy to order from, and does give a discount if you order, I think, $75 or more of merchandise.

Rating: 8.5/10

Recommended by: foresthouse
What: Melatonin 3mg by Natrol

Where: Wal-mart

How Much: $3.95

- Gently soothes you to sleep
- Helps keep you asleep
- Helps establish sleeping patterns
- 100% Vegetarian/Animal not tested

Analysis: "For the last 7 years I have been plagued by really horrible sleeping habits and insomnia. Sadly a lot of this has effected my daily activities. Sometimes even my alertness at work. Which of course makes your work performance poor. I discovered this particular brand of sleep aid, and out of curiosity, gave it a try. I find it takes about 20-30 minutes to get you into a sleepy mood and I drift asleep and stay asleep."

- for the first few wake-ups you feel slightly groggy
- Possible habit forming if misused (I reccomend taking it every two to three nights)

Analysis: "Do not take more than the recommended dosage. If you need more than the 3mg I recommend you try the 5mg. But always start with the lowest dosage and work up to a higher if needed."

Rating: 8/10

Recommended by: crucioveritas
What: CoverGirl Aquasmooth Makeup

Where: Wal-Mart; any store that sells CoverGirl products

How Much: About $8 per compact


"I love it because it seemed like I was looking for ages for a makeup that would provide smooth coverage of blemishes and uneven skin tone, and I decided to try Aquasmooth after perusing a magazine article which compared various brands of foundation/concealer/coverup.

The stuff does exactly what it says it does: It goes on like a liquid and then dries as a powder. It goes on incredibly smooth and leaves your face looking flawless. It also contains sunscreen, vitamins, and is oil-free so it won't clog your pores."


"The only flaw I'd say it has is that the mirror in the compact is awfully small, and can easily get dirtied by the makeup inside, which can be a hassle if you're stuck without a bigger/better mirror.

One point to make though, the makeup works best on clean, exfoliated skin. I usually wash my face with soap and a small loofah first. If I don't, the product ends up going on looking a bit flaky."

Rating: (not included)

Recommended by: sapphires13


What: Reynold's Wrap Release Non-Stick Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil

Where: Grocery stores

How Much: $3.99 on Amazon.com (also found at Acme for $2.49 on sale)


"They say "non-stick" and they MEAN "non-stick". I have not had any food stick to this aluminum foil ever. I don't bother with sprays anymore now that I have this stuff. The aluminum foil is quite thick, and I can frequently reuse it, making up for the slightly higher price. It's rare to have a product work 100% as advertised, but this is an example. (For those worried that the coating might come off -- it's a silicone coating, and silicones are very inert. Also, I tried scraping the coating off, and I couldn't.)"


"You have to remember to use the dull side, since that's the side with the non-stick coating. As noted above, it costs a bit more than regular foil, but I found I could make up for that by washing it off and reusing it. (Since nothing sticks to it, it's easy to wash...)"

Rating: (not included)

Recommended by: particle_person

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2. Excellent Eye Gel: by Alba Organics

What: Alba Green Tea Eye Gel by Alba Organics

Where: Alba Botanica.com

How Much: $16.95/1 fl. oz.

- soothes
- gets rid of wrinkles
- improves appearance of under-eye circles and puffiness

Analysis: I have terribly light, delicate skin under my eyes. Combined with wearing contacts and occasional allergies that cause puffiness or redness, I've often had dark circles under my eyes, and, when tired or allergic, sometime deep wrinkles that make me look way older than my 25 (ok, almost 26) years. I've tried many things, including (just off the top of my head) Nivea Visage Advanced Wrinkle Reducer Eye Cream, and Estee Lauder and Revlon brand eye creams. NOTHING worked. Then I decided to try this brand, on the recommendation of someone in another forum. After a couple of days of using it (morning and evening), I could see the change. Now, my eyes almost never look puffy, wrinkled, or tired (unless I've stayed up all night or something). This stuff is like magic. Also, though it does cost a bit, you use such a tiny amount per day that I've had it for a few months and still have half a bottle. So - definitely worth the price.


- bottle clogs up

Analysis: About every 5th use, the dispenser gets clogged with the dried serum, and you have to squeeze that out before using the stuff. But really, that's a minor flaw in something this great.

Rating: 9.5/10

Recommended by: foresthouse

EDIT: I forgot to mention before that it can be used under makeup such as concealer - just wait for it to dry first, or it will mix with the makeup and flake. I use a liquid concealer and it works fine if you wait for the eye gel to dry first.

1. Praiseworthy Pants: Express Editor Pants

What: Express Editor Pants

Where: Express/Express Design Studio stores, Express Fashion.com

How Much: $70-$80


- Comfort
- Flattering style
- Excellent fit and tailoring
- Many colors and fabrics available
- Come in 0-12 Short, Regular, and Long sizes

Analysis: These pants are by far the most comfortable and flattering tailored pants I've ever found. For someone like myself who has a relatively narrow waist combined with decent-sized hips, pants from stores like Wet Seal, for instance, where the designers assume we are all built like models and have hips the same width as our waists, just don't cut it. Fortunately, just when I was getting desparate for some comfortable, well fitting tailored pants, Express came out with the Editor pants.

They fit well at the waist and are not tight in the hips, tuck in at the knees and generally have a slight flare, just enough to accentuate the shape of one's legs and be flattering. I own six pairs at present (and am hankering after the jeans-style ones) and find I can wear them with just about any top. They are a staple of my current work as an attorney, where they can serve as business casual or business professional wear, depending on what you pair them with. They can also work well for clubbing or going out to dinner. They look good with sweaters, jackets, shirts, or blouses, and can work with heels, flat shoes, or boots.

Express has gone through at least 15-20 styles and colors, and if you go to the store you'll see that they always have a number of different ones in stock. I haven't yet tried the new wide-leg and probably won't, as it's not my style, but I have the classic ones in everything from brown with silver pinstripes to lined wool. These pants are GREAT.


- Pricey
- Too long

Analysis: My one complaint about the design of the Editor pants (regular) is that they are too long for me. I've tried the short ones, but they are too short. Therefore, I had to get my pants tailored so that they were short enough. Now, I'm about 5'5" and average weight for my height, so it isn't that my body is disproportionate. It's likely that others would find this same problem, and hemming each pair of pants might cost $8-12, depending on where you go. So the pants actually cost more if you have this problem, and in my opinion, they are a little pricey to begin with. But it speaks to how much I love these pants when I say I buy them despite these flaws. Overall, the pros outweigh the cons here.

Rating: 9/10

Recommended by: foresthouse

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