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Praiseworthy Products

Only the best

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Did you ever buy a product that was just perfect? I mean, the perfect pair of pants, the perfect cosmetic, the perfect car, the perfect tool...the perfect anything. And once you realize how wonderful it is, do you ever feel like you just want to tell everyone about it?

Well now you can.

This community exists to share the praiseworthy products we've found with the world. Have a product you think is amazing, and want to tell people about it here? Here's what to do:

1. Email me at foresthouse@livejournal.com
2. Include:
- What: the product's name
- Where: where you found it
- How Much: what it cost
- Pros: a list of reasons you love it
- Analysis: discussion of why this product is so great
- Cons: a list of any flaws you think it might have
- Analysis: discussion of flaws and how they effect product performance
- Rating: out of 10
- Recommended by: your Livejournal username
(I will never edit your submission except for grammar or spelling errors.)
3. I will post all recommendations in the order in which they are received.
4. Any commenters who have also used the product can weigh in with their opinions, which will be edited into the post if they so desire.

So please, join me in sharing with everyone those creations of human ingenuity and creativity that merit our praise.*

* Please note: this is a totally independent community, with no advertising affiliations. I started it just because I like to share when I find something I really, really like.